Power People Meeting

Would you like to get involved in making the Kilburn Festival happen this year? Come to the Power People Meeting to hear about plans for the festival, have your say and let us know how you would help us making it a good one!

The meeting will be at Kingsgate Community Centre on Tuesday 29th of April, at 6.30pm.


Preview of the exhibition - Friday 31st January

Preview of the exhibition - Friday 31st January

Artist of the Day: Asako Taki

Asako Taki is an artist interested in creating new narratives of a place using the very nature of that place.

As part of the Kilburn Grand Tour 2012, Asako walked from Kilburn to Dover during six days dressed up as a Roman and collected peoples memories during her journey in her film.

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Artist of the Day: Teija Williams

Teija Williams is a conceptual photographer from Kilburn concentrating on photographing inanimate objects and scenarios. She is showing photographs of objects that have been forgotten or lost in the park, for example a child’s toy, a toddler’s lost shoe, a hat.

‘In my own personal practice I have produced and published a collection of eleven photographic books entitled ‘Contents of a bedroom, 2012’. The books contain photographs of every object that I own. It is essentially a catalogue/ archive of my life and has become an act of preservation. My books take the form of encyclopaedias/inventories, the work attempts to measure, catalogue and evaluate a life. I enjoyed the process of archiving.’


Artist of the Day: Lorena Garcia

Lorena García is an illustrator, graphic designer and artisan interested in many fields, Classic Literature and Fashion History being her favourites. She exhibits illustrated leaves.

‘My project plays with the idea that the trees have been witnesses to everything that has happened in the park since the very beginning. I present scenes from Kilburn Grange Park’s history, as if they had been captured in leaves from those trees along the years.’

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Preview: Kilburn Grange Park Art Exhibition

Join us at the preview of our multimedia exhibition celebrating the memories and wishes of Kilburn Grange Park, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2013.
There will be free refreshments, live Paint Jam art event and storytelling workshop with performance artist Rachel Rose Reid.
Artists include:

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Artist of the Day: Dale McGinnes

Dale McGinnes is studying Fine Art at Buckinghamshire New University. He is showing a light installation that challenges the perception of space and colour.

‘Light in a theatrical context is important to me as I attempt to visually trick the viewer. Human beings are naturally curious and through my art I hope to provoke this and stimulate the behaviour associated. Using abstract forms I create spaces and events that can leave the viewer often puzzled. I enjoy the vulnerability experienced when not immediately understanding what you are looking at also when not knowing how something was made. Following that I feel there can be joy and excitement in those situations, which is important in the theatrical nature of my work.’

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This Friday: Kilburn Grange Park Art Exhibition


Join us at a multimedia exhibition celebrating the memories and wishes of Kilburn Grange Park, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2013.

Artists include:

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Artist of the Day: Rekha Sameer

Rekha Sameer is a conceptual artist with an MA in Fine Art from Central St Martins College of Art and Design. Her practice has a predominant underlying social ethos, all her work is highly influenced by people and society. She is showing sculptures inspired by a Navgraha altar in a Hindu temple and crumpled saris, signifying the vulnerable mental state of women who are victims of violence.

‘As a conceptual artist, I am very sensitive to the relationship of individuals to society as a whole. As a woman, I have close empathy with other women. Education has been a great source of empowerment for me and I firmly believe that an awareness of the wider perspective and the whole picture is significant in taking the positive step towards a better self.’



We're having some problems with our main site www.kilburnfestival.co.uk, in the meantime check out our latest project at this blog. Thank you for your patience.

In 2013 the Kilburn Grange Park celebrated 100 years since it first opened. This became a perfect theme for Kilburn Festival on July 14th. As part of this we have been awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to run a series of educational and reminiscing tea parties and workshop as well as a series of multimedia exhibitions across Kilburn.

The project will focus on engaging volunteers, children and young people who live in Kilburn in seeking out and gaining older people's memories of the park.
The aim is to inform people who live here today of Kilburn's rich heritage and to encourage them to get involved in future projects to safeguard and promote the local heritage of Kilburn.

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